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Eurokeks landing logo

Meme stock exchange

Since 2017, Eurokeks has been an active stock exchange for content creators. It was recently ressurected after a 6 month shutdown. It has seen around 400.000 unique visitors and processed > 50.000 transactions.

275.0  total capital

86752.0  total balance

shares total

shares traded

867 users

31 memes

60 orders



Realtime trading

Trade trending memes in realtime in the first meme stock exchange. Every transaction is published on the public ledger.


Original Content

Find rare and unique memes. The economy was designed and is tailored to reward content creators.


Fast, stable & secure

Eurokeks has processed dozens of thousand of transactions and handled massive traffic spikes without issues for 4 years.

Economy Basics


Memes are split in parts  that can be owned by different users.


Users can buy and sell shares of a meme  with money  .


When visitors look at a meme it generates dividends for the meme owners.


Users can create new memes in exchange for money. ( for )


New users receive 100  for their trading career.