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84 -7% Whole Universe BUY FlowerShirt10.0  cancelled
82 I am suffering from severe ... BUY FlowerShirt1.02  expired
15 -2% Napoléon🇫🇷 sneaky_weasel BUY ForestDruid1.08  done
7 -7% Whole Universe🇫🇷 sneaky_weaselSELL  ForestDruid1.05  done
13 -2% Napoléon🇫🇷 sneaky_weasel BUY ForestDruid1.1  done
10 This is a test BUY ForestDruid1.22  cancelled
9 -7% Whole Universe🇫🇷 sneaky_weasel BUY ForestDruid1.05  done
18 33% smartboyyy tomSELL  ForestDruid1.0  done
17 -7% Whole Universe🇫🇷 sneaky_weaselSELL  ForestDruid1.27  done
16 -2% Napoléon tom BUY ForestDruid1.1  done
119 Success Kid JadenTheDevSELL  ImUpsetSaidD...100.0  done
61 Fully automated space commu... belette BUY JadenTheDev1.0  done
116 I smell all the cap BreastFedBonerSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
124 Success Kid PumpItUpSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
125 Success Kid ImUpsetSaidD...SELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
131 12% Rare Pepe BUY JadenTheDev1.2  expired
130 Success Kid RobloxSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
107 Fully automated space commu... AlphabetSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
127 Success Kid RollieSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
132 Puking rainbow BUY JadenTheDev1.0  expired
128 Success Kid YeatSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
115 I smell all the cap LetsInflateT...SELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
126 Success Kid ComeComeInMeSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
129 Success Kid XXXTentacionSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
108 Fully automated space commu... BUY JadenTheDev1.0  expired