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101 Tardigrade BUY Enron1.0  expired
102 Fully automated space commu... BUY Enron1.0  cancelled
103 9% Coeur à prendre BUY Enron1.4  expired
104 Evergreen BUY Enron1.3  expired
105 Fully automated space commu... JadenTheDev BUY Alphabet1.0  done
106 I smell all the cap JadenTheDev BUY Alphabet99.0  done
107 Fully automated space commu... AlphabetSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
108 Fully automated space commu... BUY JadenTheDev1.0  expired
109 Fully automated space commu... BUY JadenTheDev1.0  expired
110 Fully automated space commu... BUY JadenTheDev1.0  expired
111 I smell all the cap JadenTheDev BUY ComeFuckMe100.0  done
112 I smell all the cap JadenTheDev BUY ComeFuckMe2100.0  done
113 I smell all the cap JadenTheDev BUY LetsInflateT...100.0  done
114 I smell all the cap JadenTheDev BUY BreastFedBoner100.0  done
115 I smell all the cap LetsInflateT...SELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
116 I smell all the cap BreastFedBonerSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
117 Success Kid JadenTheDevSELL  PumpItUp100.0  done
118 Success Kid JadenTheDevSELL  Rollie100.0  done
119 Success Kid JadenTheDevSELL  ImUpsetSaidD...100.0  done
120 Success Kid JadenTheDevSELL  Yeat100.0  done
121 Success Kid JadenTheDevSELL  ComeComeInMe100.0  done
122 Success Kid JadenTheDevSELL  XXXTentacion100.0  done
123 Success Kid JadenTheDevSELL  Roblox100.0  done
124 Success Kid PumpItUpSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
125 Success Kid ImUpsetSaidD...SELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done