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52 9% Coeur à prendre adeline_24SELL 🇫🇷 quantum_bear1.2  done
107 Fully automated space commu... AlphabetSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
58 Fully automated space commu... beletteSELL 1.0  expired
61 Fully automated space commu... belette BUY JadenTheDev1.0  done
63 Fully automated space commu... belette BUY Bob1.0  done
89 12% Rare Pepe beletteSELL 1.4  expired
80 Fully automated space commu... belette BUY zambo10.5  done
59 Fully automated space commu... beletteSELL 1.0  cancelled
64 Fully automated space commu... BobSELL 100.0  expired
116 I smell all the cap BreastFedBonerSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
126 Success Kid ComeComeInMeSELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
68 Hot Air Baloon DarkMatterSELL  ThinDick1.2  done
14 Holy Venom ForestDruidSELL 1.0  expired
21 Whatever ForestDruidSELL 🇫🇷 sneaky_weasel1.09  done
20 Whatever ForestDruidSELL 1.09  expired
19 33% smartboyyy ForestDruidSELL  tom2.0  done
125 Success Kid ImUpsetSaidD...SELL  JadenTheDev1.0  done
117 Success Kid JadenTheDevSELL  PumpItUp100.0  done
121 Success Kid JadenTheDevSELL  ComeComeInMe100.0  done
112 I smell all the cap JadenTheDev BUY ComeFuckMe2100.0  done
113 I smell all the cap JadenTheDev BUY LetsInflateT...100.0  done
105 Fully automated space commu... JadenTheDev BUY Alphabet1.0  done
114 I smell all the cap JadenTheDev BUY BreastFedBoner100.0  done
106 I smell all the cap JadenTheDev BUY Alphabet99.0  done
111 I smell all the cap JadenTheDev BUY ComeFuckMe100.0  done