Realtime stock exchange

  • Eurokeks is a fully functionnal parody stock exchange.
  • Every transaction is published in a public ledger ensuring the whole database of ownership can be reconstructed in case of any problem.
  • An economy dashboard gives detailled informations and statistics about the whole economy.
  • The realtime functionnalities are in process of being fully restored like a classical stock exchange.

Stable, secure & reliable

  • Since 2017, Eurokeks has processed more than 50.000 transactions with 400.000 unique visitors and many thousand memes.
  • It did successfully handle peaks of 1000 concurrent users.
  • Eurokeks always had a friendly attitude towards hackers and security pentesters with no successfull breach of the platform to report.
  • Eurokeks has multiple counter measures for trolls, cheaters, bots, etc.

Designed with content creators

  • Content creators are at the heart of Eurokeks, most design decisions were done after forum discussions in the last 3 years.
  • Creators can publish a meme in seconds, this gives him all the shares of the meme.
  • This allows to timestamp and ensure a public proof of the content ownership.
  • The creator can sell some of its shares to other users in seconds.
  • Even if the original creator sells all of its shares, he still keeps "the created by" tag.
  • Part of the revenue coming to the website is given back as coins dividends like a real stock option.


  • Clients can buy and sell shares of a meme in seconds.
  • Clients have access to a portfolio of their memes and their current value.
  • Clients have access to a lot of social features: forum, private messages, followers, etc.

Discovery paths

  • Efforts have been made to make most of the page accessible and to avoid the "like/share/retweet" dynamics.
  • Applying stock trading logic allows new ways to display and classify content.
  • An advanced recommendation engine based on global user portfolios allows users to discover similar memes.

State of the art tech

  • The whole tech stack is state of the art and can scale for massive traffic.
  • Back-end: Ruby on Rails 6, technology behind most of the large-scale websites with massive traffic: (Twitter, AirBnB, Github, Twitch, etc.)
  • Front-end: Bootstrap 5
  • Host: Heroku, cloud host that can easily scale in case of massive traffic.
  • Assets: Amazon S3


  • Public accessible ledger
  • Economic dashboard
  • Threaded forum
  • Moderation
  • Activity log
  • Optimized SEO
  • Responsive design (mobile friendly)
  • Advanced recommendation engine based on users portfolios
  • Realtime updates (only on orders for now)
  • Private and group messaging
  • Image optimization and processing